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What are the common methods to deal with defects after CNC machining of hand model 2021-05-04 23:00:02
What are the common methods to deal with the defects in CNC processing of plastic hand plate model?

The manufacturing process of plastic hand plate model is CNC machining and silicone mold. Another is called laser rapid prototyping, which is fast. But it is not recommended because of its poor precision and surface quality.

There are ABS, PC, PMMA, PU and other four kinds of plastic hand board materials. ABS is the most commonly used material to make handboards; PC and PMMA are used to make transparent parts; Pu is the material for small batch production of silicone mold. ABS is the mechanism into a block, the density is lower than the injection of ABS. After processing, the internal molecular chain is cut and broken. So the hand board made of ABS has low strength and is easy to break. A product that cannot be used for sale.

1. Product reading design, by experienced engineers with precision laser three-dimensional meter to capture product data with high precision, complete the product design. Also known as reverse engineering

2. Appearance design, through market research and analysis, continuous communication with customers, screening, improvement, until the appearance of the concept is accurately positioned to adapt to the market and consumers.

3. Product structure design, on the basis of fully understanding its functional principle, according to the appearance, with reference to the original device, determine the most reasonable structure design in all aspects of the product.

Handmade models need to handle these defects manually. Generally, we use sandpaper or polishing paste for polishing. During this period, the effect and quality of manual polishing can also be detected by means of some ash spraying treatment. Hand polishing is basically a necessary process for hand products. After a part is processed by CNC machine tool, there will be a lot of rough edges and knife marks on the surface. These machines are inevitable.
New power on 3D product printing and modeling 2021-05-04 23:00:52
New power talks about 3D product printing and modeling. In the whole process of 3D printing technology, 3D modeling is particularly important. Only after 3D modeling of things to be printed can 3D printer be used to shape the modeling data. There are two ways to generate 3D model, one is to generate 3D model by 3D modeling software, the other is to generate 3D data by scanning.

Each brand of printer has its own printing software, which can adjust some parameters, but it has little to do with 3D model design. The software for 3D model design is more general. The general 3D printer supports the 3D model data file in STL format. The commonly used 3D modeling software in the industry can basically meet this requirement. The commonly used software includes the famous AutoCAD software, 3dsmax widely used in architecture, PR / E and UG used in 3D mold manufacturing, SolidWorks developed based on windows, etc. The key is to be able to generate. STL files.

In addition to professional 3D modeling, there are also some software for 3D printing. 123d, a free software developed by Autodesk company for 3D printing, is simple in modeling, and can take photos around objects with digital or SLR cameras. After uploading, it can automatically generate 3D models for them with cloud computing capability, which is equivalent to using the camera as a 3D scanner function. There are also some easy-to-use online 3D model design websites for non professional designers, such as tinkercad (tinkercad - mind to design in minutes). In addition, some foreign teams design 3D model design software for mobile phones, such as sculpteo, which can convert ordinary pictures into 3D models, and Android Application paint3d, which allows 3D models to be created and printed directly on mobile devices.

In China, there is a basic vacancy in the research and development of 3D modeling software for 3D printing. However, some enterprises have focused on the development of 3D scanning equipment. Xianlin 3D Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in providing comprehensive solutions for 3D digital technology. It has independently developed visible light 3D scanner, 3D photogrammetry system and 3D camera, and combined 3D imaging technology with laser application to develop 3D laser engraving control system. Its products have been sold to more than 50 countries or regions around the world. Taier times has developed and sold S-1 3D scanning system, which is the leading one in China. Binhu electromechanical technology industry has developed power RE series structured light 3D scanning system; Hengtong has developed a three-dimensional measuring instrument.