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Hand board not only has certain skills and common sense in design and production, but also has certain common sense in coloring after hand board production.

The process of whiteboard polishing should be taken into account when coloring the hand board. The smoothness of the product, whether the cleaning angle is in place, and the traces of bonding should not be exposed. We need to spray ash before we can polish to color. Generally, we need Pantone number for color. This is an international standard, and it is the same all over the world, so there is a qualitative standard for color. A Pantone color card costs nearly 1000 yuan. Generally, if it is a professional fuel injection factory, you need to have one. So this requires customers to understand Pantone color card, and it's good to provide this color card number when spraying and coloring!

However, it's very difficult to color some handboards, such as saigang and PP materials. After coloring, it's not very firm, and it's easy to rub off. So basically saigang material products or PP material of the first board are not colored. Therefore, after mastering the common sense of hand board coloring, we can produce hand board works that meet the customer's satisfaction.
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