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Plastic handboard manufacturers come to tell you how to make plastic handboards

Generally speaking, plastic handboard models are made by CNC processing or 3D printing. The production methods are basically the same, but the processing methods are different. The following is to introduce the process of plastic handboard processing by using the Tuowei model which has been making handboards for more than ten years: design drawings, programming, CNC processing / 3D printing, polishing, assembly, oil injection and silk screen printing.

Design drawings: hand drawings are generally made with AutoCAD. Professional designers are required. In general, the format of hand drawing is mainly. IGS /. STP /. STL /. PRT /. X-t, etc.

Programming: programmers analyze 3D data and write program language to control CNC machining center.

CNC processing: execute the program command, more specifically, it should be like this: the cutter of the CNC machine tool carves back and forth on the plastic material according to the path set by the program, and removes the redundant part, so as to get the prototype of the plastic hand plate model.

Grinding: after a part is processed in CNC machine tool, there will be many rough edges and knife marks on its surface. It's inevitable to rely on these machines. So it needs to handle these problems manually. Usually, it will be polished with polishing paste or sandpaper. When grinding should pay attention to the problem, the first is to use a very thick sandpaper for rough grinding. Remove the surface layer of very thick burr, and then fine grain grinding.

Fuel injection: CNC hand plate can spray color according to the color code provided by customers. It can be sprayed into sub color and bright light.

Silk screen printing: many companies have their own brands. When making CNC handboards, they also need to print the company logo or product model on the sample of CNC handboards

Assembly: it is to assemble all the parts of the plastic hand board model. After processing, it is to detect the assembly data.
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