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Handboard model manufacturer is also known as the first board, which refers to the first or the first batch of samples in the new product development stage before the mold is opened. Most of the manufacturing processes of handmade model are manual, so it is widely known as "handmade model".

Handboard model is the first step to verify the feasibility of the product. It is the most direct and effective way to find out the design defects of the product, so as to improve the defects. Until there is no problem with the handboard model, it is the basis to open the mold. In general, it is necessary to carry out small batch duplicate test, investment invitation and even inspection of the assembly difficulty of products in mass production in the future.

Main uses:

1. Appearance handboard: it is mainly used to inspect product size, color matching, material matching, cost evaluation, market research, exhibition and other mass production process feasibility analysis and judgment.

2. Structure hand board: it is mainly used for product internal assembly structure coordination, material strength analysis, performance testing, cost evaluation, new product investment, etc., thus greatly reducing the risk of direct mold opening.

3. Vacuum replica: it is mainly used for the performance test of small batch of new products to further enhance the feasibility of mass production of new products, and can also be used for investment promotion of new products.

Main classification:

1. CNC handboard, with CNC processing method, can be processed with various raw materials, and can be used for surface treatment of any process. It is most suitable for testing the strength of materials, color and process matching effect of products, and has become the mainstream of rapid headboard production.

2. SLA rapid prototyping, that is, stereoscopic modeling with light-sensitive resin as raw material, scans the liquid resin point by point and layer by layer with the contour track of each layer of the predetermined parts by the ultraviolet laser under the control of computer, so that the resin thin layer in the scanned area can produce photopolymerization reaction and solidify. The main disadvantage is that the material strength is not enough, and the surface treatment effect such as electroplating and oil spraying can not meet the requirements of mass production.

Production process:

1. Drawing review; 2. Disassembly of drawings; 3. Programming; 4. CNC engraving and milling, SLA or 3D printing; 5. Manual assembly; 6. Manual grinding; 7. Oil spraying, electroplating or anodizing; 8. Screen printing and radium carving; 9. Assembly of finished products; 10. Final inspection; 11. Packing and delivery.
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